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Thread: Sick Boyfriend

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    My boyfriends family had some sort of sickness last week and he went to visit them this weekend, but first he asked what the sickness was because if it was v* he said he wouldnít go. His mom said it was just diarrhea. He was super careful and washed his hands a lot this weekend and came home and seemed fine. It wasnít till today, the day after he came home, that he became sick. Weíve kissed a lot today and yesterday. I was texting him and he said he wasnt v* but he asked me to bring him Advil and water so I did. When I walked into his house I heard v* so I freaked out and ran outside. I feel so bad that I canít help him and Iím also so scared because I know Iím probably gonna get it. My stomach is starting to hurt but i cant tell if itís just nerves. The anticipation is killing me. Please help. My friend also has emetophobia and told me that weíre less likely to throw up bc our bodies fight it so much more than the average person. Is this true?? What do I do if I throw up??? The only person that can calm me down is my boyfriend but even he canít right now because heís miserable and I donít want to drag him into this and also I donít want to catch his sickness if I somehow havenít already. Iím in college and my mom is 1500 miles away and itís 4 am where she is so she needs to sleep. Please help

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    First of all, take a deep breath. You weren't with him when he was sick, so chances are low. Second, you need to focus on helping him - even if that means leaving care package on his door step and supporting him over the phone. I guess emets do fight v much more than most people, so that may be true. Go back to your place, take a deep breath and check on your bf (call or text).

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    I am going through the same thing
    my husband came home from work today and has been throwing up alllll day ! I confined him to our bedroom and I cannot sleep in our room tonight due to being terrified of getting sick. All of my kids have been sick the last 2 weeks as well. I cannot eat and I’m washing my hands until my skin is raw. The above poster is right however , your chances of getting it if he wasn’t throwing up around you are slim as long as you keep your hands clean!

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    How are you feeling ? Did you get sick ?



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