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    Default Finally admitting I have this issue.

    My name is David. Iím 31. Iíve struggled with this my entire life. Iíve learn to hide it well. No one really even knows how bad I have it. I raley ride with anyone in their car. Now Iíve even started to not like anyone riding Iím my care with me. Any kind of events I try to get out of. It basically at this point controlling my life. I thought I had it under control but lately itís like itís got me. Iíve a OCD really bad too. Both suck. But the fear of throwing up is kicking my tail lately. I wonít go on cruises. Planes. Vacations. Fishing trip. I donít like public events. The list is so long. I worry to death when I eat food out. Hopefully thereís help and i cane finally kick this bull crap. I feel like such a sissy and I think that why I hide it. I own a successful business and Iím pretty popular guy and this really has been effecting my life both business and socially lately. Sorry to ramble on and on. Let me know your guys experiences. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Finally admitting I have this issue.

    Hi David,

    I'm Bella, 31 next week and have had severe Emet since the age of 7 and OCD since 8 (diagnosed at 15). I have extensive treatment over the years but it hasn't helped so far!

    Have you looked into therapy at all?

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    Default Re: Finally admitting I have this issue.

    Hi Dave
    Same problem here. Started in high school and i'm now 50, Crazy isn't it ,been hiding it my whole life. recently had to go back to a psychiatrist and go on meds. I came across this site and looking to admit to my problem. Winter is the worst , but lately I don't even want to eat large portions and have even lost weight. I have not begun therapy yet just trying to get the anxiety under control right now. nice to see others like me out there. hope yours gets better.



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