Iím posting because I am in a constant state of panic. On Sunday evening, my fiancť came down with a bug. Iím not sure what it was but he threw up in our apartment while I was there. We live in a really small one bedroom, one bathroom apartment together and Iíve had no escape. Iíve been doing everything I can to sanitize and clean the space (bleach, constant hand washing) and I have barely eaten in three days. Iíve been sleeping on the couch while he sleeps in our bed but Iím not even convinced the couch is a safe space since he was sitting on it and the Lysol spray Iíve been using doesnít kill noro.

It has been three days and Iím still okay (besides not sleeping or eating well, and the constant anxiety and regular panic attacks). But, now Iím afraid of our dishes. We donít have a dishwasher and our sink canít plug up and the water on our tap is not very hot. Iíve been scrubbing them with antibacterial soap the best I can but I havenít convinced myself to use any of them since washing.

What do I do? When am I safe again in my own home? My fiancť hasnít been sick since Sunday night (with the runs Monday morning, but only threw up once Sunday). He feels fine now and is back to normal, but what about me? How do I know that Iím okay? I canít keep living like this.