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    Default boyfriend has sv

    hey guys, my boyfriends family has had the stomach virus this week. he slept over last night, and this morning he woke up saying his stomach hurt. we shared water and we kissed and were cuddling all night, and then he went home and now he's been throwing up. Am I in the clear if all this happened before he threw up? I've read that its only contagious through the particles in V or D but I'm not sure. I also don't know how long ill have to wait until he's not contagious?

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    Itís true, its only contagious through v and d particle. Kissing someone and being near them will not make you get the virus. Wash your hands well though as I always do. He could be contagious up to a few days to a week after recovery. During that time, I would limit your contact with him.



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