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    I have not thrown up since I was 10years old, I am now 28. I have a fear of throwing up and due to this fear I do not drink, or eat things without washing my hands. I never put my hands in my mouth or touch things, and I also don’t let my fiancé touch my face or near my mouth.

    This past Sunday my fiancé was at her parents house for dinner. I did not attend the dinner but I came home later that night and gave my fiancé a kiss. Last night my fiancé and I had sex and were kissing.

    Starting last night my fiancé’s sister started throwing up, in the middle of the night her mom started throwing up. Her dad and our daughter are fine but my fiancé started getting sick about 3 hours ago. I am now freaking out and having a huge panic attack thinking because I was with my fiancé the last two nights and even engaged in sexual contact with her that I have whatever they have and will start to throw up.

    I hate dealing with this even with my own kids when they are sick and I don’t know what to do! I wasn’t near her while she started throwing up but I heard she can be contagious before showing symptoms.

    Please help me.

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    i'm so sorry you're dealing with this. The good news is you're probably so much more aware/careful than your fiance and family which means you're probably okay. just keep washing hands and being careful.

    also they are only contagious through their poop (or v*) and they are not contagious for long before symptoms show...so while it is possible she pooped right before, it is so highly unlikely you'd catch it from her.

    wishing you well <3



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