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    Default Hypnosis for emetophobia is on sale today

    Saw this online today, and thought it was a perfect opportunity because this site has a different hypnosis file on sale each day.
    I thought about this forum, even though I haven't been here in like 13 years (can't believe my login still works! Wow.)
    I picked up a hypnosis file from Hypnosis downloads. This one here.... (https://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/fe...etophobia?7069) and I didnt think it was the best, it was more for general anxiety surrounding it in your life, but I was looking for something to help me really feel like V* is totally okay.
    This is the one that is on sale today (https://hypnosislive.com/thr)
    I'm gonna pick up that one and listen to it sometime soon! I will get back to you and let you know if it is any better. This hypnotist has a more conversational style.

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    Default Re: Hypnosis for emetophobia is on sale today

    Omg yes, please keep us updated! Am very interested in hearing about how well this works for you.



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