So on June 5th 6:00 PM, my family and I had some rice and sausage for dinner. The sausage tasted a bit foul and sour so we proceeded to stop eating it as soon as we agreed that it tasted funny. This freaked me out a bit thinking I was going to get food poisoning so I was extremely anxious the rest of the night. About 6 hours later I had a low grade fever about 99.2 degrees. I managed to get myself to sleep but then the next day (June 6th) I felt miserable, but no v*, d*, or n*. I frantically looked up symptoms of food poisoning but the only thing I had was a fever. My fever rose to about 101.6 degrees and it fluctuated from 99.2 - 101.6 throughout the day, then when it was time for bed it went back down to a low 99 degrees.

So it's been roughly 66 hours (June 8th) ever since I ate the weird tasting sausage and I can't stop my anxiety. I have no other symptoms but a mild fever, at one point between these hours I had a 103 degree fever but thats the highest it has reached. As of right now it is at 100.4 and I have no idea where this fever is coming from if it's not from the sausage then what is it?? Keep in mind I had no v* or d*. I had some n* but i think that was from my anxiety. Please help !!