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    Default Vomited yesterday and lived to tell the tale

    Hi everyone. I just posted in the general discussion that I'm new here, but didn't want to include details on too much of what happened to me yesterday in that part of the forum.

    I suffer from severe panic attacks relating to my fear of v*. Yesterday I woke up slightly hungover and when I am hungover I don't like eating because I worry I will feel more n* (or get n* from it). So I spent the first part of my day in bed and did not eat anything. I believe I was hungry but I had pain in my stomach (probably due to not eating, so I just sipped on water as I sat there shaking. I ate nothing all day and just continuously drank water, drinking WAY too much. Around 6:00 I started feeling n* and absolutely broke down. I went outside for fresh air and soon I v*. I was mortified right before it happened but afterward I was able to calm myself down pretty fast and even laugh about the situation a bit. I am still 'recovering' today (not eating, only sipping on very light amounts of water/gatorade, etc) and I am not positive if I have a bug or not, but I am just in the process of getting back to my normal self, even if it will take a little while.

    I hope this in some way helps one/some of you, and I am always a resource you can contact if you need to talk!

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    Default Re: Vomited yesterday and lived to tell the tale

    Are you still afraid now to v* or do you feel like that helped you



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