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Thread: Missing out.

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    Default Missing out.

    Hi all! Iím new here. Iím 21 and Iím just feeling so useless. Iíve had emet for about 8 years and it hasnít gotten better, itís gotten a tad worse since Iíve entered the adult world. Iíve been moving around also so whenever I get to a new place, the cycle of phobias creeps up again. Itís exhausting. Iíve also been traveling to other states and every time I step on a plane I feel so out of control with my emet. Things have become a lot more scary now tht I am adult. I thought my fears and phobias would ease up a little now that Iím older and in a better headspace but they havenít. And that makes me mad. I want to go out and have fun and enjoy being young. But my emet keeps me from so many opportunities. So. Many. I want to live life so badly, I want to eat different foods, I want to go out and have drinks with friends. I want to enjoy holidays and not worry about what Iím eating. I want to enjoy flights and traveling in general. I want to not worry about how many times Iíve washed my hands in a day. I want to look at something involving sickness and not think about it for the next three days. I want to go to parties I get invited to and not have to flake because of uncertainty and fear. I want to do so many things while I have the opportunities to do them (being young and having fun), but itís hard for me. As it is with everyone who suffers from emet. And itís even harder when youíre alone and no one understands how or why you struggle. Especially family. I just feel like a loser. I know Iíll never be this young ever again and I would really love to enjoy myself.

    Anyways.. thanks for listening. Tonight has been a bad night for my emet. Just thought I would share how I have been feeling lately.
    - Maria xx

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    I feel exactly the same, as does everyone else here I'm certain of it xxx

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    I'm sorry to hear that you're still experiencing such hard times... Have you tried any treatment options for your emet?



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