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    Default Back...and Flipping Out

    It's been a while.
    I have a new job working with mothers and mental health. Because of the population, a lot of kids come through this office.
    Our front doors are locked for security reasons and I had to answer the door. When I did a mother and her toddler were outside. I noticed that her daughter (maybe 3 or 4?) had stuff around her face. I realized, to my horror, she had just v* on herself.
    I tried to keep my distance without slamming the door in their face. Mom asked if she could have some paper towels and water. But as she did this her toddler started coughing and was clearly about to v* again. I closed the door and luckily one of our interns went to help because the office knows how I feel about v*.
    The mother was asked to leave because the office didn't want to risk getting other children sick. The mother said that her daughter wasn't sick and just drank too much powerade. I could hear the little girl laughing and talking so she seemed fine.
    But I am FREAKING OUT!!!! SHE COUGHED IN MY DIRECTION RIGHT AFTER V* ON HERSELFFFFF!!!! What if v* particles got on my face or in my mouth??
    I hate this!!!
    I feel debilitated.
    "Be in love with your life."
    There's too much beauty and joy in the world to miss. My emetophobia WILL NOT win. This too shall pass.

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    Default Re: Back...and Flipping Out

    No, no, no, you are absolutely fine, I know you posted this a while back but I hope you got through this <3



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