Bit of a stressful time really, Iím not in complete panic mode yet but I know that if what he has is contagious and I catch it then I wonít deal with it too well mentally.

Last night my brother complained of a sore throat, didnít think much of it, especially as I had just got over a quite a a bad cold which funny enough made me feel nauseous, feverish and achey. (Weirdly, at one point I genuinely thought I was going to be ill and had to stop eating my toast)

At 3pm the next day I hear him running into the house from work saying he is going to be ill. Within that space of 10 minutes I think he was ill twice. Itís been about half an hour/ 40 minutes since he was last ill and as far as I know noro is on the hour every hour, so Iím guessing if he doesnít get ill anymore (although I wouldnít count on that) itís probably not noro and is some strange anomaly.

Anyway, I actually may have a job interview coming up in the next two weeks and the last thing I want is to be dragged down with this sort of bug. He went into the bathroom before I could take stuff like my toothbrush and moisturiser. Can I use my moisturiser? Looks like Iíll have to buy a new toothbrush... and Iím assuming that it may be best to use a shower in a different room? Iím so hungry and I havenít been able to get myself down the stairs yet... sorry I donít really know what this whole post is about I just hope that one day there is a vaccine because it is so mentally taxing and Iím on edge now when Iíve got a few weeks off, just got over my own illness and should be relaxed .