Today marks two years since I got over my germophobia! I remember a year after I started to develop emetophobia, I started to take extreme measures to make sure I wasn't sick. I washed my hands constantly and then only before I ate, and when preparing food I would have one hand that touched the 'dirty' things - plate, knife - and the other touched the food and if I accidentally touched anything I had to wash them again.

I wouldn't touch food at school, and ate out of the packet with my mouth, which everyone thought was weird. I never touched any doorknobs or surfaces and didn't use public restrooms. I wiped cutlery and dishes at restaurants to make sure I was safe.

There is a bunch of other things that I did that I can't even remember, and right now to think back it all sounds ridiculous, but back then, it was things I had to do to make myself feel safe.

If you have germophobia, I want you to know that you can definitely get over it!