I waited several months to post this to see if the effects would last but I got sick early this year and was completely fine. I had taken some vitamins on an empty stomach and started to feel severely nauseated so I went outside and sat on the porch to do some breathing. I found that going outside helps me greatly, whenever I fear that I might get sick I feel claustrophobic and pace around as if trying to escape it. So I was outside breathing and I felt it coming on so I sat down and took off my glasses (for some reason) and it happened and I was fine, it really wasn't that bad. It was like I didn't really have time to panic too much because it happened so quick and I didn't really have time to react. After that I went inside and watched TV, and since then I haven't really felt afraid of V. Not sure if that'll last forever but it's been almost a year now so I thought I'd share.