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    Default Please reply asap been exposed and need to go out today!

    Yesterday I went to get my hair done. I've lost my voice so apologised for that and she said oh we've all had germs and bugs so don't worry. I laughed and said as long as it's not v*. She said oh sorry we've all had it. She told me she had just had d* but because they were hairdressers they just work through it!!!!! She said the girl doing my hair had been v* YESTERDAY. One had v* today at the salon and had gone home! I said aren't you meant to be off for 48 hrs and they said they couldn't as people give them bad reviews. I explained and said I can't take anything home because of my little boy having a weaker immune system. She then didn't want to carry on which was fine and they're giving me my deposit back but I feel so contaminated and exposed. I was sitting in chairs, she had already put the robe on, she touched my handbag, I put my phone on the shelf etc. I cannot do this. I'm freaking out. Girl who touched my hair was the one who had had d* but there must be germs EVERYWHERE and I've just gone and put myself right in it all!

    I got home, took shoes off at the door, showered. I put my clothes in the laundry bin then realised that was probably a mistake so moved them to a bin bag but now worried laundry basket is contaminated. I cleaned my phone and outside of my bag but can't really clean inside it.

    Please help me because I'm a wreck right now I really am. I have to leave my house soon to get last minute Christmas bits and I honestly am terrified I will get s* while out.

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    Default Re: Please reply asap been exposed and need to go out today!

    This would be the kind of thing that would set me off as well. I work in property management so I deal with people all day long. I had to put a work order in for a resident that needed some maintenance done in their apartment and when I emailed them to see if it was okay for my maintenance team to enter, she told me not today because her boyfriend is fighting the stomach bug. This put me in a panic and I wasn't even in physical contact with them. And just now my boss told me that she feels nauseous. Just know that the biggest chances of getting it are through v* and d* exposure. They are also more contagious before they show symptoms. I am just happy to find this whole site and see that I am not the only one that battles through this.



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