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    Default Please tell me Iím not alone!😂

    Itís 9:30pm and Iím listening to my mother coughing in the other room
    Two hours ago she asked me if I wanted to go out and get a massage with her
    I told her that my anxiety was randomly up
    and I was feeling a bit nauseous
    so I wasnít sure if Iíd be up to leaving the house
    And apologized for any disappointment
    She said that was totally fine, then continued to state that
    it worked out better to stay home
    because HER stomach was bothering her and she wanted to be by the bathroom.
    I had to remind myself that I was feeling sick because of anxiety
    And she most likely meant she was having intestinal issues
    So initially thought she was having another ibs attack (which honestly could still be the reason, and Iím freaking out for absolutely nothing)

    But I dunno I hear consistent coughing
    And I might be crazy
    I but I think heard a faint sound of water splashing
    Iím having doubts that sheís experiencing Ibs
    and I beginning to believe her stomach is getting a visit from Satan.

    To be frank Iím also worried that Maybe the nausea Iíve been feeling the past few hours is actually a stomach bug and we both got hit or somethiní

    Of course I could be completely off
    And she was just coughing like a normal person
    But I may not know until the morning
    Because of course I am too scared to knock on her bedroom door and find out the truth
    (in case the truth is not something Iíd want to hear)

    So at the moment Iíve closed the heater vent on my ceiling in case she v****** to protect myself against air particles
    Iím wearing my travel mask
    Iíve sprayed cleaner on my doorknobs
    And Iím covered in essential oils
    And Iím so nauseous I refuse to move
    All the while watching Rugrats (donít ask why those kiddos calm me down)
    Itís going to be a long night

    And If I just so happen to wake up in the morning to find out my mother was fine the whole time
    I will melt 😑

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    Default Re: Please tell me Iím not alone!😂

    Hey. I am sorry no one responded to you. I bet your mom was totally fine. Coughing fits can just be coughing fits. And you don't need a mask if you are in a different room - only if you are like 5 feet away. Seriously.

    Happy New Year. I hope you got the massage and relaxed with your mom.

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    Default Re: Please tell me Iím not alone!😂

    I hope things turned out to be okay! I remember watching rugrats on the orange cassette tapes! I am sure it is nothing to be worried about but regardless continue to follow good hand hygiene lol

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    Default Re: Please tell me Iím not alone!😂

    this happens to me two when i was 8 yrs old i got neurovirus in a hotel on march 24 and now i am afraid of hotels, the number 24, and vomiting!! i have anxiety attacks almost every night. its ok!



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