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    Default Friend feeling sick..i feel like a bad friend

    Hello there everyone, I haven't been on here for the longest time..years.
    Something really difficult is happening this week which i feel so ashamed of and pathetic..my very good friend is on new medication for a condition- she has increased dosage in the past few days and is feeling very nauseated. We usually met for a morning coffee which would be tomorrow- she is the type of person that will still come out even if feeling ill..not like me or others on here I imagine. I feel panicky just thinking about it and have made an excuse as I might have to run if she says she feels like she will throw up. She must think what a foul friend I am- I can't possibly explain as it is not understandable to people unless they have this. I can't stop thinking about it and what to do. I thought i could pop up to her house and secretly leave some flowers but she would hate that i didnt come in. I feel so guilty- and obsessed about itIt is so frustrating that people don't get it..people think i don't travel because I hate flying..when you try to explain its not about planes they say catch a boat- and you have to say i can't do boats either. A friend wanted to drive me to a lovely festival recently but I couldn't go as its over a long windy hill and how pathetic and ungrateful it sounds to say aw I don't want to go because i get sick. They just say take a anti sickness pill but they don't understand the fear of being trapped in a car and getting sick is terrifying and you can't risk taking a pill in case it doesn't work. Sorry for that long rant!!! Take care everyone xo

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    Default Re: Friend feeling sick..i feel like a bad friend

    The good news is you can't catch something that can cause vomiting by being around someone who is vomiting from a prescription reaction. It might even give you a chance to reduce your anxiety about vomiting. Maybe you should even be there if it happens! I became less anxious by being around people vomiting in college when I knew they were merely drunk and I couldn't catch anything.

    Most likely your friend understands that people generally don't want to be around a vomiting person and isn't holding it against you personally.

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