(TW: did not censor words)

I was on a trip this past week and things got a little funky, but somehow I survived it! (In fairness I did use texting to vent my feelings, but still)
so first off, when we took a rest stop, I went to the restroom right before we left. When I got finished, I could hear some really disgusting gagging sounds coming from a nearby stall. Of course I got a little freaked, but I managed to calm down in the car. After, like, an hour. But I did it. Lol.
Second, I was at the very beginning of my period (tmi, but still), and it gave me diarrhea. I spent the morning pretty stressed out despite knowing what caused it, but vented to my mom a little bit later over text. Getting out my feelings helped, and I managed to survive the trip with fewer freakouts! I also jumped from 100 feet up (there was a rope, don't worry, it was an activity at the center we went to) and survived! It was awesome!