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    Default 9 year anniversary of being cured

    May 4th 2012, is a big day for me,as it was the first day, when I starting to get better, I caught a stomach bug, which broke my 35 year streak, best thing ever. When I think back to how I was back then, prisoner to my fear and obsession, I have thrown up a few times since, and can function as a non emet afterwards. Please realise you can free your self from this phobia, I had no therapy just will power, and learning to understand my body.
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    Default Re: 9 year anniversary of being cured

    Wow! This is great to hear, very happy for you.

    I am not quite there yet, 12 year streak, almost broke it a a couple times...I managed to not let it happen.

    Monday morning I woke up at 1:45AM, as I was waking up I gagged. I strongly believe it was due to my GERD. The one gag kept me up until 4:30AM (my safe time) while I had to get up for work by 6:00...so yea I was miserable. I also have just eaten for the first time today since Monday because I was so scared. I have hopes to be like you one day.

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    Default Re: 9 year anniversary of being cured

    Thank you for sharing this. I needed to hear this. This helps a lot. We're all going to be okay.

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    Default Re: 9 year anniversary of being cured

    Congratulations on this date



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