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    Default Anxiety causing nausea

    Anxiety keeps causing me to feel really, really unwell and like I'm about to TU. I desperately need some advice to get this to stop as I can't handle it at all. It's too much for me to deal with and it's screwing with my head :'( I sat in the bathroom for ages today shaking it got so bad.

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    Default Re: Anxiety causing nausea

    Ok, you have to distract yourself. A simple way is this - grab a few ice packs from your freezer. Plunk in front of the tv. Ice pack on middle chest, ice pack on stomach, maybe ice pack on top of head. You will get cold. It will overload your senses of n.

    Trust me.

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    Default Re: Anxiety causing nausea

    Sit in a place that makes you feel comfortable.. For me it's on my couch sitting up (Indian style) with my ceiling fan/air conditioner on with my phone and TV (mdgirl me too). Deep breaths and rocking back and forth helps me. I rub my stomach where it's bothering me (helps with pressure or uncomfortable feeling). We all have our own comforts and ways of dealing with anxiety.



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