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    Hey guys, my entire life, I thought I was alone with this, and then I just discovered this website where there are so many other people like me, and I am starting to feel understood. Iíd like to learn some more about my fellow Emets. Iíll go first. My name is Anabelle, I developed the phobia since I was extremely young and along with that have developed generalized anxiety disorder, ocd, depression, panic attacks, and tics. It sucks, but Iíve learned to deal with it. Iím in high school right now and do rock climbing and singing. Iím also starring in the school musical as Ariel. Now tell about you guys!

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    Hi Anabelle!

    My name is Joanna. This phobia also developed for me when I was very young. In elementary school when someone would V*, every child would act like it was the end of the world. So I think maybe that's how it stemmed? I'm not entirely sure, I actually havent been sick in that way for 12 years, I am now 23.



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