I went to the hospital yesterday and put my phone down in the bathroom (it was clean but who knows) but when I got home I didn't disinfect it (but did originally wash my hands) and forgot so I was using it and then ate with my hands right after!!! I'm freaking out I picked up a SV or something!!! I don't have antiemetics.

Currently it's been 17 hours and no symptoms but I know Noro can incubate for 24-36 hours. I'm TERRIFIED of my childhood fear coming true again (v* in the middle of the night, I did it like 7 times and it was violent). I used hand sanitizer and an alcohol wipe, I think, on my phone after realizing but I'm freaking out that it wasn't enough.

I feel so doomed. I want to eat because I'm hungry and it's better to do it with a full stomach/makes it less painful but I'm so scared. I feel so stupid.