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    I am going to turn 25 in about a month...In the past I am used to getting things in the mail for my birthday saying "Hey, its your birthday, come in for a free carwash" or "free bagel on your birthday." This year is different....I checked the mail last night and opened a letter up from my health insurance company that stated "Due to your upcoming birthday, your premium is now $118.60 per month. It went up 16 bucks because I turned 25??? Hardly what I consider to be a "high Risk" category. I laughed about it and found it hysterical that my health insurance is going up and my car insurance is going down.!!!! The next letter that I opened was a pamplet from social security stating how much money I have paid into medicare and social security over my working life (which isn't much!!) It showed the benefits for my survivers and stated "If you die this year, your spouse and children will receive X amount of money"....I laughed at this one too!!!! I just find this so hysterical, I only turned 25!!!! Hope that this makes you laugh too!!!

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    Haha! I am 33 and keep getting things in the mail from AARP! That scares me just a little!
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