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Thread: please help me

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    I am 14 and have been an emetophobe for as long as i can remember, but untila few months agoI never told anyone about my phobia. One night my brother said he didn't feel well and i had a panic attack. My dad came into my room as i was curled on the floor crying and plugging my ears. I told my parents about my phobia and they said that they would start to try to find treatment, but they haven't done anything since. I am so tired of living with this constant fear, and I want to get therapy, but I am afriad to bring it up with them again.

    I also don't fear myself throwing up, only other people. How does that affect what kind of treatment I should get?

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    Hope you be ok [img]smileys/smilies_01.gif[/img]
    Can't really help with the advice on treatment cos Ive never had any as much as I'd love to have.

    But I just thought I'd post and say hi cos I've never seen you on here before.


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    You need to go to your parents and tell them again. I know it's hard and uncomfortable, but I wish wish wish I had opened up to my parents about how I felt. I'm 33 now and wish I had started therapy way back then.

    Please let us know what happens. It sounds like your mom and dad want to help you, but they probably don't understand this either and maybe hoped it was a one-time thing. Go up to them and say, remember how I freaked out when brother was sick? I don't think that was a one-time thing. Have you called a therapist yet? Maybe I could start by seeing our doctor who could find me somebody to talk to? Go to the treatments page and print out information to give to your parents and your doctor.

    Good luck.
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    Your story reminds me so much of mine. I was exactly the same as you at your age. But now I'm completely better - no anxiety at all. I can also relate to the fact that you don't want to tell anyone. The depth of the shame - it's like it seals your lips closed.

    The article I wrote which is on a sticky post on the Treatments thread might help you break the ice with your parents. You can print it out and give it to them to read. You could also give them the one on how to get help...staple them together, perhaps. Leave it with a note to the parent you're closest to, perhaps.

    Good luck!
    For more info about emetophobia and treatment:

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