Hey guys,

Is anyone else familiar with online roleplay? If not, I can provide a bunch
of links and info as I'm an absolute addict. Keeping this on topic, though,
I have an idea.

To summarize, someone that I used to play with was /huge/ on hurt/
comfort (a sort of writing in which one character is hurt or ill and needs
another character to take care of them) and tapped me for a few scenes in
which vomiting was sort of sprung. At first I didn't know what to do, so,
fighting my fears, I tried to type out appropriate responses and ultimately
ended up explaing my emetophobia to the other player.

Well, when she realized that it was a big deal to me, she started asking if I
was okay with this or that and I started forcing myself to go ahead with it,
more out of embarrassment than anything else, I think. Not a good
reason to do something, no, but it's resulted in me being largely able to
deal with reading about getting sick. As long as it's not in massive gory
detail, of course.

SO... What I'm suggesting is that we form a little RP community to try to
play out some of these fears. Like exposure therapy but without so much
of the 'ick'. Is anyone else interested?