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    Is anyone else? My body is really sensitive to changes in season andtemperature!

    For instance, I've felt totally crappy over the past 2 days, not much appetite, lathargic, feeling off colour...but it's not worrying me at all, because I know it's because Summer's over and the weather is cooling down. The first cool, breezy day we had (yesterday), I was totally out of it and just didn't feel right @[email protected] wasn't used to feeling cool, perhaps. Air pressure. God knows.

    Its weird! Don't tell me I'm the only one, lol!
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    im exactly the same way! at night, i've been feeling a little bit n* but i know it's just because winter is comming to an end and my body is getting ready for spring!

    its worse though, when the summer starts to end and that's how i know winter is comming :P



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