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    I really need some help, everybody needs but you see i tough i
    was the only one with this sintoms and fear of vomit, guess im
    not, and im thankfull that somebody can help me coz i think im on the
    edge of comiting suicide. I can`t take this anymore... can`t live like
    this forever... my fear wont go away. My history is like this:

    From 2 years from now, i`ve been feeling these things like panic
    atacks coz of my emetophobia i guess... i can`t sleep coz im always
    thinking that im going to get sick...

    in fact i feel nauseas, and my stomag if u know what i meen sorry
    for my english i don`t write so well, my stomag feels bad... i take
    valeriana pills, teas, pills that u take in trips for not geting seek,
    i`ve taked also sleeping pills, and stuff like that, and im always
    feeling seek... but i never throw up...and i can`t have dinner anymore
    and i can`t get out at night coz at night it gets worst. An other
    problem its that i smoke, and its not good for me coz sometimes it gets
    really worst, but i can`t stop smoking, its so hard for me...i try but
    i just can`t... I`ve made blood tests and ecographys and stuff
    and nothing, i went to a psichologist for several months and she told
    me that the best i could do to see if i have an ulcera or really
    something in the stomag is an endoscopy... and that believe me i don`t
    have courage for that... im steel in doubts about if its a desease or
    its just my nervous system or really emetophobia.... please if u know
    anything that can solve my problem i would be so thankfull... i`ve been
    to many doctors and other metods of medicine like, chinese medicine...
    the chinese medicine doctor said to me that i had an nervous ulcera but
    i really don`t know coz for knowing that i need and endoscopy
    exame... and about ulceras how can i beat an ulcera anyway? i cannot
    take this out of my mind im always thinking in throwing up, its so
    stupid... i got some books about stomag deseases but they only
    talk about sintoms and that , and i don`t know what to do...

    i`ve read something about if u think so much about having a
    desease you start to get one... the brain its such a devil machine...
    mental health its so important in this case... thank you***** [img]smileys/smilies_06.gif[/img]

    ps: a little bit of humor, maybe the only doctor who can help us its doctor House...[img]smileys/smilies_05.gif[/img]

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    I am sorry you are feeling so bad. You are definately not alone with how you are feeling. Everyone on this site are great people who really want to help you.

    I cannot say if you have an ulcer or another medical condition, but my guess is that emetophobia isyour biggest problem. Is there anybody close to you who could give you some support?Maybe a family member or a friend? Remember that we are all here for you. I really hope you feel a bit better soon. You are not on your own!

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    Hi Nagui,

    I think it's very important to rule out any real physical ailments you could possibly have that could be exacerbating your emetophobia. About 17 years ago I had a battery of test done, including an upper GI and colonoscopy and the doctor ended up telling me it was my "nerves" and that I had IBS.

    I go to a family doctor regularly and have had my thryroid tested, and all kinds of blood tests, even had tests for appendicitis at the ER once. It's always been just IBS and "all in my head". I'm grateful but sometimes I wish it was something physical that they could operate on and fix or something. I read somewhere that there is a part of the brain that controls "v'g" and I sometimes wish I could have an operation to have them take out that part of my brain so I would never have to do it. My problem is that I'm just as/maybe more than (not sure because I've never actually "v'd"), afraid of feeling extremely nauseated than I am of actually "v'g". Does that make sense?

    Anyway, have you tried any medication for nausea (Like phenerghan or compazine or something) and maybe something for your nerves? (Xanax, Clonazapam) And also! My doctor gave me two pills for IBS, Librax and Dicyclomine. They don't work well but if I have a horrible attack of IBS, the Dicyclomine seems to help a little.

    Good luck


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    thank you curly wurly...

    its such a sacrifice for me to be with my friends u know... it
    has to be always at night and we go to the cinema and bowling etc
    sometimes it goes well doesn`t happen to feel nauseas and getting seek
    but other times it becomes a hell for me... just wanna go home... my
    stomach burns a lot and the nauseas my god its such a pain... i can`t
    take it anymore....


    well i`ve study psychology and yes that its true that there a
    part of the brain that controls almost everything, and there are
    another one that controls the pain and thats the one i would like to
    take of... my god.... well i`ve tooked xanax once... and believe
    me it was a bad experience, i couldn`t get sleep for 5 days!! it has
    put me more nervous... strange but it did... im in this moment taking
    valerian but its not working... don`t know if i have the same pills
    here in portugal but if you could tell me some names of pills that can
    calm down my nauseas and nervous... i would apreciate very much... i
    believe that our problem its just our brain... but my god sometimes it
    doesn`t seem... coz i get better and sudently im in pain again and i
    was calm... what the hell... the exams that i made didn`t acuse
    anything, but like u sometimes i wish i had really something that we
    could just take a pill and wow much better... on clouds! i dont know
    what is to be in perfect health for long time...

    Thank you [img]smileys/smilies_05.gif[/img]

    i wish we all together could get better.... well we need a miracle!!!!

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    Hi nagui.

    You are feeling bad 2 years, right?

    Well, some of us here are feeling bad 20 years...

    I have phobia about 10-11 years! Imagine that! EVERY SINGLE DAY I AM TERRIFAING OF V AND SCARED LIKE IDOT!And I really want to be happy, and I want to live. I have suicidal thoughts a lot.I said once: Lets everything go to hell, but I will not die because of stupid phobia.

    I missed so much classes in school.

    I missed so much parties and I dont have much friends.


    Try to think like me.

    I wish you all the best.

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    Hi nagui! It says that you are from portugal, so I assume that you speak portuguese? I know the smallest bit...Olá! Como são?

    I am so glad that you have found this site! I am sorry that you are feeling so bad right now...but I know that you can beat this phobia and be happy. Be positive! I'm sure that you can do it, and if you ever need help you can always ask all of us on this site!

    Good luck!

    <3 Anya--
    PM me for contact info such as skype, email, or facebook. Thanks!

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    The only meds I can tell you about are the ones that I've taken. I've taken a lot over the last 20 years.....here are what currently works best for me....

    Seroquel - I take 100 mg of this each night for panic disorder, it's working good
    Cymbalta - I take this each morning for depression and anxiety - not sure if it's working yet but I'm trying.
    Dicyclomine - I take this on and "as needed" basis for IBS/Stomach problems
    clonazepam (klonopin i think)- makes me relaxed without knocking me out..I take these daily
    phenerghan/promethazine - anti nausea medicine - this is a lifesaver for me, I dont think I could live without this pill
    Propranolol - I take this twice a day for anxiety...it's a "stage fright" pill that they give to performers but for some reason my doctor gives it to me. It works a little but only if I take it regularly and it's not strong enough to help in a panic attack, I have to take klonopin along with it if that happens.

    I hope that helps

    \"Love may not make the world go round but it sure makes the trip worthwhile\"



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