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    My boyfriend was sick on Saturday night at about 2 in the morning. He only threw up once and thought that it was something that he ate. I don't sleep in the same room as him or use the same bathroom. I left on Sunday at about 1pm to go on a business trip. I returned home this evening. My question is...if he did have a virus, do you think that my waiting period is over and if it was a virus, could it still be in the house? He is horrible about cleaning and I know that he didn't disinfect anything.

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    Ok, You would have definetly picked it up and gotten sick by now if you got it on saturday or sunday...As far as the virus lying dormant somewhere in th ehouse...I doubt it...Especially because he was only sick once and I remember your originbal post, it sounded like it was something he ate for sure...I really wouldnt worry about, but for your own sanity wahs your hands frequently! I think you will be ok



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