I have been having therapy for 5 months now. I would say that generally it has been very good, there has been a lot of talk therapy and some EMDR.The talk therapy has sorted out a lot of what happened when I was small to create this phobia, however I am wondering about all this talking! I read in the FAQ's about "How did we get this phobia?" and the answer has got me thinking ..do I need to suggest to my therapist we try some exposure? She said I shouldn't put pressure on myself or her for a quickfast cure or an end result next week as it were! I can see changes in myself, and my belief system I established about myself when was little and grew up with is changing/shifting. I guess this is the cognitive behavioural therapy.

I am very interested as to how you think things are progressing here??

I am very determined to conquer this phobia now, and would love to hear from anyone who has an opinion on this. I guess I am wondering where amI heading and am Iheading in the right direction??