In my behavior modification class, our last lecture was on anxiety and how to cope. the professor posted some questions that you should ask yourself when your feeling anxious andI thought I would put them here because asking these questions might help. The professor is amazing!

1.)What am I predicting happening? ( I will get sick, I will get an SV,.. etc).

2.) what is the evidence that it WILL happen? ( I've been around someone who is sick, I don't feel good.. etc).

3) what is the evidence that it WILL NOT happen? ( I've felt sick like this many times before and nothing happened, I didn't touch the person who was sick, etc.)

4) What is the worst possible thing that could happen if my prediction comes true? ( I might be embarassed for 5 seconds, I might feel vulnerable for 5 seconds, etc).

when you ask yourself these questions, it really puts the anxiety your feeling into perspective. I know its hard when your feeling anxious to have these rational thoughts, so I thought an even better method might be to ask yourself when your NOT feeling anxious about something, as well.

anyways, hope this helps!