Hi, brand new. I came to this site after searching for a more specific term than emetophobia for what I experience.

I am specifically afraid of stomach viruses. Other things, such as looking after drunk friends etc, dont phase me so much, but if anyone so much as mentions they feel queasy, I stop breathing in their presence and back away, then start to imagine that I feel sick to the point that I have to lie down.

I have 2 children, and have had to deal with bugs at times. When my kids are in the throes of a gastro bug, I lock them away in their rooms, dealing with what needs dealt with by wearing a mask and weilding a can of disinfectant spray.

I had a fight with my husband while he was feeling unwell because I refused to touch him.

I always have medications like maxolon, stemitil etc on hand.

Please help with your words of wisdom, what the hell is this??