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    I just realized today, I need to get some help with my phobia. The
    amount of anxiety I feel about sending my daughter back to her
    preschool program is just unacceptable to me. More than anything, I
    don't want my phobia to affect my daughter's life. I almost didn't send
    her to the one place she dearly loves because of my fear. I made an
    appointment with a doctor who treats phobias and anxiety. He is not only
    a board certified psychologist, but he is also a PhD neurologist, and
    Psychosomatic Medicine with a degree from Harvard, so I think he is
    pretty good. I just talked to the receptionist and she explained that he is
    not the "traditional" psychiatrist and used things like different techniques
    as well as nutrition to control phobias. So I am open to that. It should be
    interesting. My appt is next Thursday. I am so nervous, I've never told
    anyone outside my family about my v* fear. I have no idea what to
    expect, but I know it's time to start moving forward.

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    Congratultaions on taking such a huge step. You should feel very proud of yourself. Just relax and be yourself. The doc's credentials sound great, just remember, if you don't like how it's going, you can always find someone else to treat you. Good Luck and keep us posted on your progress!!
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