Ok, my coworker's daughter is 3...she has been sick for 3 weeks now. At first it started out with just a 103 fever for 3 straight days...no other symptoms..well she did v once with that...ok so she's fine for a few days, no symptoms, eating fine, and all...a few days later she is having bad D and V.....this goes off and on for 2 solid weeks...she has been to the doc.and they ran all kinds of tests...they told her it was just a virus....running it's course....so it's been off and on for 3 solid weeks and still going on...Easter morning it happened all over again...she will say her tummy hurts and either have d really bad or v over and over....she's going back to the doc. tomm. b/c they almost took her to the er yesterday but she finally pee peed after so long...but she's so weak when this goes on....and then she will feel fine and dandy and eats normal and everything...i just don't know what this could be...if it's a virus then that's really scary. The doc doesn't seem to think it is though now, since it's been 3 weeks. What do you all think??????