Ok another bad night tonight really bad at the moment,

Me and my mother have had a huge argumnet and at the moment I feel like i need to burp but it just isnt happening at the moment and just feel like **** i am so so so so scared that I am going to be sick at the moment I dont know whats going on!!!

My stomach kinda hurts as well at the moment, my mother keeps moching my emet and my ocd, she just had one of my pringles and said, oh ive touched them now so you cant eat them.

We have just had a massive argument as well,ive got pains in my bowels and my head hurts! everything seems to be going wrong at the moment and I feel absolutly awful im scared im cold im tired and I really do at the moment want to give up on all of this!

this feeling is absolutly disgusting why is this happening to me at the moment,feels like ive whined on these boards so much this weekend,Im sorry about that!

why cant things be simple and emet was never around and why do I still feel n* while this gas wont bloody move at the moment,why oh why friggin me!?