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Thread: Q for Sage

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    Thanks for the sensible guidance and clarifications you give here. I am trying to work with a cognitive-behavioural therapist.She hasn't treated emetophobia before and seems to be having trouble seeing her way through the issues - I don't help much as I feel so overwhelmed and unable to cope a lot of the time, and don't see clearly enough myself to understand exactly where the problem is.

    I associate nausea and vomiting with extreme distress, and it conjures up images of being alone and miserable, for long periods of time, usually at night, not being able to cope and with no-one to help (because I won't let them), etc. I am also extremely scared of my 2 year-old getting sick - both because I would have to look after her and becauseshe might pass some bug onto me.I am capable of leaving her alone if I think that she might be sick.

    Withmy therapist,I am starting with my reactions to feeling nauseous myself - this occurs often as I have IBS. I work on controlling panic, and introducing rational thoughts (the nausea is most likely caused by IBS, nausea doesn't necessarily lead to vomiting, etc.). This has had some limited success, but I am still not able to cope with nausea without anxiety, and sometimes still reach for my anti-emetic tablets when things get bad. I am not sure how to go further on this, other than to keep trying and do my best. Sometimes it is hard and I feel very discouraged.

    However,the deep-rooted fear is not being addressed at present, and I am aware that it is just lurking there, waiting for a realvomiting episode to rear its head (me orsomeone near tome, most likely mydaughter).I don't know if you have any words of wisdom on how to move forward.

    In my saner moments, I realise that vomiting is a mystery to me. I don't vomit and I never see anyone vomit because I run away. Could this be part of the problem?In this case, I think gradual exposure through pictures and films might help. I thought of trying to use your site (at bravehost) with my therapist. (I tried to get the kit you mention from http://freespace.virgin.net/neuro.innovation/emetophobia_des ensitisation.htmlbut the link doesn't work. Also, I couldn't get onto the Ambassador Video site.) Can you suggest other resources.

    However, I also note that you think that desensitisation can only help in SUD under 5. What would you recommend over SUD5?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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    For more info about emetophobia and treatment:

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