Right, Im feeling VERY off at the moment and this isnt even a little panic attack,I feel very n*

I woke up feeling ok this morning got dressed had an argument well kinda niggle thing with my gf because she cleaned the whole bathroom with one cloth so i had to do it all again that made me feel really angry ect, so had a shower got dressed and went for a walk,then came back down here and she said she needed to go and get stuff from the RAF camp she used to live at, so we did and on the way back i started to feel really n* I havent ate yet but that isnt really wasnt worrying me..

came back here and had an ice pole and a drink did some stuff outside and now feel like im gona have d* and v* I have really bad gurgling noises and feel n* and the gurrglying isnt going away, Im SO freaked out right now,im away from home moved now,not anywhere near my mum,these feelings are killing me right now, im tired for some reason at the moment, the gurgling has only just started right now, i am on my period at the moment but its never been like this, at first it was red,then went to a light red colour not even red maybe brown and then its back to red but the cramps arent as bad as usual!!

I just really need some help here, I dont know whats going on, and Im starting to get REALLY scared,as I cant even get any wind up to say that the n* is that but it isnt working, someone please????? [img]smileys/smilies_06.gif[/img]