Okay today was my sister's graduation party and instead of being all picky and careful about my food like I usually am I started chowing down on everything like a pig. I ate a little bit of everything, including some chicken wings that had been sitting out for a little while, and man were they good but greasy. Then later in the night my mom announces that she doesn't feel good and I know she ate the stuff I ate. I also know my dad ate the stuff I ate and he is feeling fine, he was even eating some more of the food before I left. I feel totally N* Right now, I took a unisom (Doxylamine Succinate) for the N* but that's basically all I can do, and I'm totally pissed because I still have to clean and pack for my move tomrrow. Does anyone think those chicken wings, or anything else for that matter, will make me sick? I'm really scared! Freakin out is more like it.