Hi there,

I've been following this site for years but haven't really posted before. I've tried different treatments so far, CBT and hypnotherapy..i'm not sure if i just had crappy therapists and a crappy hynotherapist but couldn't get hypnotized and finding the "trigger" also didn't help. Anyway, through some good referrals i've been put in touch with a psychologist who runs the anxiety disorder clinic in my city and he said he would take me on but he uses exposure therapy. He said he has delt with this phobia very often and has cured many people and this is the only treatment that really works, but it could mean me having to..you know what...at the end. But he said by then i'd be okay with it, i was having anxiety and panic attacks just talking to him and thinking about it. Anyway, I'm just wondering are there other treatments that have worked for people or is this def the best one? The sessions are also hella expensive, $150 (and that's sliding scale) so this is a big decision to make! Sage, i've read many of your posts and it seems like you have a lot of suggestions/answers? I'd appreciate any help before i take this huge, stressful, nerve racking step!

thanks in advance! and sorry if this is something you have all answered over and over.