I have read the 'sticky post' Info for therapists, family etc.

I am looking to start CBT but don't really understand it.

First of all, I'm finding it hard to understand how just talking about the problem solves it. This is'nt of much concern though as I'm sure there is much more to it!

My main question is about the hierachy of fears. I'm a studentand cannot afford much treatment, obviously though I want to be helped as quickly and as soon as possible.

The above article, (which should be comended) talks about drawing stick people being s# or writing the word V# as a starting point on the hirerachy of fears.

What if this seems way to 'unfearful' to me? I could do any of these things without any problem at all, I think I could also hear andwatchpeople V# without to much discomfort.

But how does this have anything to do with me V#, that is the only thing that terrifies me. I'm torn between trying to do things as thoroughly as possible to ensure results and doing things as quickly and cheaply as possible.