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    Hi there,

    does anyone know of, or can anyone recommend any decent therapists in
    downtown toronto? i'm not sure what treatment i am looking for and i
    don't know if there is anyone one therapist that deals with all the
    techniques mentioned on this site like EMDR, CBT, EFT,TFT and Exposure
    therapy. I'm super lost and as mentioned in another post, am
    contemplating doing 12 sessions at $150 for exposure therapy. Would
    like to research a bit more before comitting but having a hard time
    knowing where to start. I've already seen a few therapists mainly using
    CBT and have tried hypnosis which didn't work, i'm 31 and have had this
    since i was 9 years old. My brother also has it so if i can help myself
    finally overcome this terrible phobia i hope i will be able to help him as
    well. I've scoured in the internet for info in toronto and i just keep coming
    up with "phobia centers" and such. Any help/advice would be wonderful.

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    I have an amazing one! He uses CBT and gradual exposure therapy and is located at Church and Charles. He is amazing! Remember that this is a long term comittment. 12 sessions isn't going to cut it. I've been in therapy for a year and a half and I know I'll need several more before I am free. It took me a year just to believe that I could be helped! Like you, I am 29 and have had this phobia for 22 years.

    PM me if you want his name and phone number. Please, call him. He really understands us!

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