OK. I think I am sick! I have been doing so well lately. Here is what happened. My mom had me accompany her to my cousins wedding reception. I was very hungry and I had not eaten all day. There was food there so I ate it. I did not want to but I was starving. This was at about 6pm. Now my stomach is gurgling and I think I have heart burn. I have never had heart burn. It is 1230am right now.My hands are shaking because I am scared I will get sick. I took a pill and I am having ginger tea for reinforcements. Why is it when we take one step forward, we take 50 steps back? I gues I will be back to peanut butter and jam sandwiches. I tried to convince myself that is I was not going to take a pill, that I was going to let whatever happen, happen. But I chickened out. Oh you h=guys are great to be there for people when they are ill. How do I know if I have heartburn? I guess I will look it up. Has anyone else ever had heartburn?