Just know right now that I think I spelled foriegn wrong so no need to correct me LoL

I love my foriegn films! Especially the ones from Asia but have any of you ever watched a foriegn film and didn't get it? Like I watched this one called "A Tale Of Two Sisters" From Korea and I get the feeling that if I actually understood it, then it would be creepy. I don't usually get confused with foriegn films but this one threw me for a loop.

Then what do you do if you don't get it? It's not a mainstream film so I don't know who I can go to to have it explained to me. I got SOME idea what it was about from a review I read but other then that I'm clueless.

There are only two other foriegn films that confused me. One was Uzumaki which is about an obsession with spirals or something, Uzumaki means "Spiral" in Japanese. And Also this French film called Celestial Clockwork...I saw that movie and I was like WTF? Like aparently in it the girl lost her cat or something? WHAT? Didn't make sense.

Does this happen to anyone else?