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  1. Meds
  2. Gender
  3. How much money?
  4. IES access...
  5. Weight and Emet
  6. OT: do you eat healthy yoghurts
  7. Vegetarian?
  8. Age
  9. Anti-emetics - EXCLUDING acid reducers
  10. what do you fear ???
  11. IBS and emet
  12. OT: Best Skin
  13. gas pains
  14. Race question
  15. What’s your worst case scenario??
  16. no life????
  17. Stemetil
  18. Stemetil .... THE REAL ONE!
  19. control
  20. where is your emet at?
  21. I also have...
  22. how often do you feel n*
  23. how long ?
  24. DS lite or Psp
  25. Emetaphobic catagory?
  26. Pets and V*ing
  27. Are you a morning person or night owl?
  28. full and anxiety
  29. anxiety and emet
  30. What keeps you from progress?
  31. how many years has is been since you last
  32. What do you think?
  33. How do you sleep?
  34. Sex and Cuddling
  35. Who makes you nervous?
  36. What helps your emets?
  37. POLL: Do you eat condiments?
  38. How often do you get colds etc?
  39. Vomiting In Public
  40. How old are you?
  41. How old are you?
  42. V* in dreams
  43. last time you V*, your prevention effort
  44. Odds of never v* again
  45. diagnosed emet
  46. School Closures in Your Area due to sv*
  47. What do you think you would do??
  48. If you weren’t an emet....
  49. Brushing your teeth
  50. Which do you fear worse?
  51. When you feel n* do you....??
  52. Swallowing Pills
  53. U.K. vs. U.S.
  54. When you have the "stomach flu"
  55. What are you really afraid of?
  56. Dreaded Places -Worst?
  57. Meds?
  58. Did You Go Holiday Shopping Nov. 24?
  59. Retching
  60. how old were you when you became emet..
  61. V* from exercise
  62. Time since V* in Relation to Phobia
  63. US - North vs South
  64. What are you in your family?
  65. "Addictions"
  66. OT: Bath or shower?
  67. Do you want someone with you?
  68. Guys I Really Need Your Prayers
  69. education level
  70. What causes your n*?
  71. News about Norwalk
  72. Morning Sickness
  73. How long has it been since you last v*ed
  74. What’s your blood type?
  75. anyone take this?
  76. Would You Ever Live/Vist...
  77. Morning Sickness
  78. What caused you v* the last time?
  79. Seasons
  80. Please Ignore
  81. Are you in treatment for Emet? REVISED
  82. SVs and Warning
  83. POLL: emets- fear of the unknown vs.
  84. sv only hits some family memeber??
  85. Other fears/phobias
  86. How did you learn about emet?
  87. Read other poll...i messed this one up!!
  88. Better/Worse while site is down?
  89. Does Flu make you v*?
  90. Did you v* while IES was down?
  91. What Caused You To Last V*?
  92. How Long?
  93. "Safe foods"
  94. What Are You?
  95. Anti-Emetic Drug Treatments
  96. Bad dreams
  97. How Often (SVs)
  98. How many visits...
  99. If you had cancer
  100. Morning Sickness
  102. Whats the strongest anti-emet?
  103. A million dollars or...
  104. HELP!!!
  105. Would you avoid having kids?
  106. Emetophobia survey
  107. Preferred anti emetic???
  108. Superstitions/Other v*-related fears
  109. Non-emets lack of worry
  110. Last time you were severely nauseated
  111. When I turn 16...
  112. Do you have OCD?
  113. How long?
  114. Are you in therapy-and is it helping?
  115. Blood type possibly related to norovirus
  116. Do you think you’ll ever be cured?
  117. For the ladies...
  118. Sushi?
  119. if your friend was choking...
  120. Does this site help?
  121. Colors, no.. its not what you think..
  122. Do u like people around if u were to v*
  123. otc nausea remedies
  124. V***T?
  125. Election!
  126. if you have had the influenza virus
  127. when you had the sv*
  128. sv
  129. Do you suffer from IBS?
  130. Cell phone carriers
  131. Zodiac Signs
  132. here,kazzia
  133. How do you get the n* to go away?
  134. noises and thoughts other than v*
  135. n* and v* while pregnant?
  136. Foods that make you n*
  137. How bad is your emet?
  138. people with sv* or know someone who did..
  139. Brushing your teeth/tongue
  140. to talk about "it" or not??
  141. have you ever had fp*?
  142. preggos/ex preggos with morning sickness
  143. preasure points for n*
  144. Giving Blood...
  145. How Long??
  146. Afraid of you V* or other people V*?
  147. Where do you prefer to v*?
  148. Is it just in my head?
  149. when you come on...
  150. Did you throw up in 2008?
  151. have you told anyone about your emet
  152. has your spouse ever kissed you after
  153. if v* wasn’t contagious..
  154. Anti emetics
  155. Age/Gender Poll
  156. are you emetophile
  157. Do you have emet-related superstitions?
  158. Do you drink alcohol?
  159. What do you use MOST often to combat n*?
  160. Restaurants ??
  161. This year have u felt n* if so did u v*?
  162. How often do you check IES?
  163. side of the bed not side of your body
  164. how many times has your child v*?
  165. when you last had a sv* with v* & d*
  166. Fp* From Fast Food (or bad experience)
  167. How long after you ate did you have fp.
  168. tamiflu vs. relenza
  169. What is the WORST part of v* for you?
  170. Is there a "worst" type of N* for you?
  171. Do you smoke?
  172. Would you rather?
  173. Public swimming pools
  174. Instead of being sick..
  175. How often do you catch things each year?
  176. Terminology on the site
  177. Amusement Parks
  178. Are you scared of swine flu?
  179. what do i do next?
  180. Would you v*?
  181. do you ever wonder? *potentially graphic*
  182. Whats your favorite antiemetic?
  183. Alcohol
  184. Emetophobia Is Ruining My Life.
  185. Jobs
  186. Would You Rather.....?
  187. would you do it?
  188. Would you do it?
  189. Superstitious?
  190. Trouble Sleeping?
  191. How bad do you think you are?
  192. V* in public?
  193. potentially graphic (burp v*) lol
  194. Fireworks
  195. Relationships
  196. How long have you gone without puking?
  197. Does emet affect your work life?
  198. Life or Death
  199. Ever caught sv from spouse/SO & V’d?
  200. Choose a comfort zone
  201. Censoring Emet Words
  202. Teeth Whitening
  203. 2009
  204. Did you throw up in 2009?
  205. Do you remember the date of the last time you v*?
  206. How many v* incidents have you had?
  207. how long without puking
  208. How many times have you vomited?
  209. Ladies and Gentlemen
  210. Just v*?
  211. How many are below the age of 14?
  212. How often do you wash your hands?
  213. how do you know if you have a high V threshold
  214. why do people tell us that Vting isn`t dangerous?
  215. Do you avoid alcohol?
  216. Avoiding foods
  217. Are You Addicted To Mints?
  218. Alone or Surrounded by Others?
  219. Did you throw up in 2010?
  220. For the parents.
  221. Are You Getting Better or Worse?
  222. Are you also addicted to Ginger-Ale?
  223. Do you burp to check if you're going to v*?
  224. What's worse?
  225. Do you have OCD?
  226. Reactions
  227. Do you think you'll v* this year?
  228. If Getting S* wasnt painful would you be phobic?
  229. Would you ever use a rental car?
  230. Age, Sex, and Emet
  231. What Scares You The Most About Vomit?
  232. Are You An Optimist Or A Pessimist?
  233. Panic Forum
  234. I am a Christian struggling. Anyone else?
  235. Do you wash your hands when you get home?
  236. Are girl emets more common or boys? yes for girl, no for boys
  237. How many times have you caught noro?
  238. Are you 'in the closet' with your emet?
  239. How many times have you v*d in your lifetime?
  240. digital private
  241. 6 Discovering the Finest Online Payday Mortgage Organizations
  242. Alone or with others?
  243. Alone or with others?
  244. Do you have a sensitive stomach?
  245. If you vomit do you cry?
  246. Do/did you ever want to a job that may include vomit?
  247. How do you react when someone tells you they feel sick?
  248. What words disgust you the most?
  249. Will my children be emetophobic?
  250. More afraid of yourself vomiting or seeing someone else? And why?