I know that knowbody is a doctor here or anything, but i was wondering when anyone else gets stressed they get heart pain??..since the other day my parents arguing seems to be getting worse and i've been getting bad heart and chest pains, and then i guess because im the smallest, everyone keeps taking out there anger on me and finding something to pick on me about. I was walking up the stairs the other day and i asked my dad please can i have a lift up the shops, he didn't reply then a few seconds later he dropped something and smashed his cup, came up to me and shouted "well done ruth" and got really angry at me[img]smileys/smilies_05.gif[/img]. My mum seems to be getting a bit stressy with everything and they both keep talking about commiting suicide. I was going to go stay with my nan, but she dosn't understand about ocd and things and says its a load of rubbish and its just pathetic, when to be honest it takes over most of my life. Im trying so hard to eat right now, its been about 6 weeks and everyday again now i feel like im having to force down my food because i feel so depressed again i can't face eating. The pain in my heart has been happening since yesterday afternoon, there was an argument, so i went in my room and just sat an cried as i just feel so trapt when they do it. In the end at about 8pm i went out to the arcade which seemed to calm me down. Im trying so hard to move on with my life, i have a meeting with a careers adviser to help me get some courses in college to do wordwork, computing and electric work as im interested in technical stuff. Im planning to build my own arcade machine at the moment, but with all my family it just gets everyone down. Not putting the blame on anyone, but i honestly think the reason i first stopped eating was because i always felt ill from the stress of the arguments, i couldn't face food. I've taken my inhaler for the chest pain but it seems to be doing nothing, do you think i should go get this checked out, im not sure if its just stress though..sorry for the rant..i havn't done that in a while sorry[img]smileys/smilies_06.gif[/img]

Ruth x