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    Does anyone else have issues with loose skin because of weight gain/loss? For about 15 years now I have gone up and down with my weight because of a pregnancy and then again 2x because of anti depressants. The problem is that my skin is not as tight as it used to be and to me it is hideous.

    In the past year I have lost about 30 lbs. I have done so slowly and with lots of excercise. I have kept hydrated and kept my skin hydrated. I am taking dhea and fish oil, which are both supposed to be great for the skin. I have built a lot of muscle in my arms and legs, but they both (along with my belly) have excess skin. Is there a way to get rid of this crap without surgery?

    I am worried because I still have about 30 lbs to lose to get to my ideal weight, but if I am going to end up with bat wings, then screw it.

    Any advice?

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    I have no advice for you, really, but I do know that my bf lost about 130 pounds before I met him, and he does have stretch marks and some loose skin around his belly and thighs. As far as he knows, the only way to get rid of it would be surgically, and I don't think that's worth it. He lost the weight fast (Atkins) and then starting exercising, but I think if you are exercising while you lose the weight, your body will tone up more and you will have less of a chance of that happening. Sorry I don't really have more advice for you; I would like to lose 30 pounds also, and if I end up with some extra skin, I think it'd be worth it! Good luck to you and let me know if you find anything out!

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