okay, does anybody else have a cat that kills every little animal in sight and leaves them on your porch for you? well usually my cat kills birds, a mouse once in a while, one time he had a rabbit...this time he had a gigantic possum! my mom and i thought it was dead so after about 20 minutes of encouraging one another that we were brave enough to go outside and get rid of it, it started moving! my dad then informed us that possums usually play dead (he was sleeping and refused to wake up to help us, nice. lol). it was obviously hurt and very scared, so it sat there right infront of my backdoor for about an hour, just hissing and not moving at all. so we had to call animal control, and $125 later, the possum is gone but the animal trapper said that it looks as if it recently had babies, so we should expect 6-10baby possums lurking in our backyard within thenext few weeks. ugh, i am soo grossed out and i feel bad for the little guy! it was so sad. i think he was in shock. but i guess we can't take any chances with him just sitting around out there. oh well. just wanted to share!i'm bored!