I have both of these at home but never took any, well i took some risperidone once and i mean they did seem to calm me down, i know this is something to talk to the doctor about, but does anyone else take these meds?? i havn't used the prozac yet from the side effects (i really shouldn't read them) but i also know one side effect which is very common is anorexia as you don't feel hungry on it, but then on risperidone it makes you more hungry, so maybe that would better. I think riperidone is more of an anti-physcotic (sp) drug though, but i took it before and it just made me really really drowsy and weak, i did feel n* on it, but that was because i was so hungry lol. So does nayone else take these?? and if so did you have any side effects?? thanks[img]smileys/smilies_01.gif[/img].

Ruth x