I was at the grocery store today and there was this mom with her two kids. Everyone was dressed very nicely. While in the store she acted like a model mother. Sweet, patient, understanding of how kids are. She looked around her and watched people adore her children. I followed her out (not on purpose, she was just in front of me through much of my trip) and saw that she had a very expensive, brand new suv. She stopped her cart in the back of the suv and began to open the back and unload her groceries. I was parked 2 cars down from her. I was putting my groceries in my trunk at the same time. I have no idea what her little boy did. He looked about 7. Suddenly she jerked him by the arm and said to him "You need to shut the f*** up you piece of s***. I can't stand the sight of you today. You little brat-asshole" and then wopped him one upside the head- hard.

I felt sooo bad for that little boy. It made me think because while we were in the store I was thinking things like... I wish I could bring my daughter and let her pick whatever she wanted. I wish I could afford clothes like that for Jade. What a good mommy. Then as we proceeded toward the parking lot and I saw her car, I was jealous again. I pictured her having this perfect little life with a wonderful husband, beautiful home... yadda yadda. And suddenly when she thought no one was looking she turned into this freaking monster. Those poor kids. That must be so hard to understand as a child. Public eye mommy is nice as hell, but the second we get into the parking lot there is hell to pay? I wonder what life is like at home for them.

I drove away appreciating more than ever the kind of mom I am. I realized that although the goal is to one day have plenty of cash flow, I can be a great mom without it. I could not imagine doing that to my kid.

I just thought it was interesting and wondered if any one else could relate to the situation.