I just got good news today and wanna share with you guys!

I am a Paralegal, and even though Iown a paralegal service, I still have to contract out to and work under the direction/supervision of an attorney. There's a position called Certified Legal Document Praparer, in which to qualify for this, you have to pass a very in-depth background check, have certain paralegal experience/schooling, and pass the 100-question test, given by the Supreme Court. What a CLDP can do is prepare, serve, and file legal documents like evictions, wills, divorces, bankruptcies, etc., without an attorney, and totally on their own. CLDP's usually have an office and do fast, inexpensive (compared to an attorney) doc's. CLDP's make very good $$, and are basically a step down from an attorney. I want to hire one or two people to work for me too, and I will be the COOLEST boss! I understand that people have a life outside of work, and look forward to treating employees way better than I have been treated at my jobs.

So, I after passing the background check, I took the test, but didn't have one second to study. Well, I passed!!!!! I am now aa CLDP! Yay! I was so happy when I found out, I almost cried. Gosh, I will never have to work for someone again, and after all my schooling, putting up with a**hole bosses and co-workers, I am so happy!

I wanted to share that w/my emet friends---thanks for reading [img]smileys/smilies_01.gif[/img]