so i was just sitting here typing away and then it felt like my nose was running so i wiped it with thetop of my hand.. (sorry if that seems disgusting) anyways.. and noticed it was all blood! ack! then i went to the bathroom and got some TP and it only lasted a minute or two but holy hell that scared the CRAP out of me! I am 25 yrs old and NEVER had a bloody nose in my life!! even when it was like -10 degrees and dry and cold and windy .. not even during allergy season, not even when i am really sick, not even when my lil bro headbutted me really hard and almost broke my nose.. NEVER! so.. anyways this was a lil scary for me. I am just glad its done.. but what if it happens again or in my sleep?!?! oh no.. [img]smileys/smilies_09.gif[/img]i hope not..

just had to share .. my husband is not home of course to for the next couple days.. and i keep hearing noises.. [img]smileys/smilies_11.gif[/img]ehh its all in my head!