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    Okay post your funniest inside jokes here. You don't have to even explain it if you don't want. Are there words that you and a friend find funny because of an inside joke? Something that makes you laugh when you hear it? I have a good one, and even though it's slightly innapropriate but I'll try to explain it cleanly.

    Me and my friend Heather were watching The X-Files one night when I was staying at her place. The first joke has to do with rubber gloves. We were watching the episode "Arcadia" where Mulder and Scully go undercover as a married couple in a rich community. Anyway they had just moved in to their house and there were boxes all over. Scully hands Mulder some rubber gloves and while she's talking he's in the background putting them on. You are supposed to be paying attention to Scully at this point but Heather, for the first time, was watching Mulder instead. While he's putting rubber gloves on he's partially behind some boxes and it looks like he's....playing with himself.

    The next joke comes from another episode called "Bad Blood" Where Mulder and Scully investigated some vampires and each had to tell their own side of the story. Well Mulder was telling the part of the story how HE saw it. Scully had ordered a pizza and Heather was like, "I bet he wraps that pizza around his [censored] and jerks off" And I turned to her and we just both started laughing out asses off.

    So now when either one of us mentions rubber gloves or pizza we both break out into a fit of laughter. I'm sure none of this is funny to any of you, but they are inside jokes. I'm wondering if anyone else has any interesting inside jokes that would seemingly make NO SENSE to an outsider.

    David Duchovny I want you to love me
    To kiss and to hug me, debrief and debug me
    David Duchovny I know you could love me
    I\'m sweet and I\'m cuddly-I\'m gonna kill Scully!

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    I have one:

    When my son was about 3, we were at the store, when he saw this really old lady, whose skin was very wrinkled. Well, being a typical out-spoken 3-year-old, he asked, pretty loudly, "MOM!! Look! That lady's skin doesn't fit!". OMG!! I was so embarassed, but it was funny! She didn't appear to have heard him, thank goodness. So, when I told him this as he got older, when we'd see an exceptionally old person, we'd look at each other, thinking about that day.

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    My friends and me have this thing that started ages ago, we were chatting about something and listening to music and I said something about getting caught in the moment, but my friend misheard me and she was like "Toad in the moment? What are you on about?" and we cracked up and decided that Toad in the moment was a game. So now whenever we're doing something random and one of us asks what we're up to we just say we're playing toad in the moment.

    We also have a load of weird euphenisms for erm... sex stuff. lol
    So sometimes we have conversations along the lines of "So did she meet his little men or was she just looking for change?" [img]smileys/smilies_09.gif[/img]Hehe.



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